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|| 2008 May 16 ||

we introduce a new category on goa-trance.de where we’ll present you artwork and video from liveacts, parties, travelling, films, documentation and whatever we (or you?) find on the world wide web; for those who have to stay home or those who just came back …

… but still, music for those who know …

feel free to send us your video-links: videos@goa-trance.de

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|| 2008 Apr 18 ||

some progressive / goa / trance_radios we’d like to recommend:


4 channels, completely progressive/goa/psytrance (and chillout, of course) dedicated



philosomatika is one of the first goa/psytrance dedicated 24/7 radios and still surviving



online since … ages … with now 25 electronic_music oriented channels and another 25 channels from sky.fm; you’ll find a lot of good music here (but no charts)



VA - Psycomex - Tlaloc (AP Records)

|| 2006 Nov 10 ||

apr1cd154-1.jpgPsycomex - Tlaloc brings our legendary Mexican Trance Compilation series to chapter number 4. AP Records is the main carrier of the new Psy Trance generation coming from Mexico. In 2006 & 2005 Mexican Psy Trance delivered some first-class Artist albums such as Sharigrama, Lamat, F.F.T, Ecliptic, Tron & others. Psycomex - Tlaloc again breaks the barriers, taking Mexican Psy Trance into new highs of sound production & cutting-edge Full power Psychedelic Trance. Including Lamat, with two collaboration tracks with Mayan Complex & Forza. F.F.T track following their recent debut album. F.F.T are Lamat & Stalker, a track by Stalker is here as well. All the above with the well known Lamat / F.F.T clear-crystal sound & full power Bass Shells. Trancelussion brings his 3rd track release in the form of an unforgettable groovy fullon-stormer! An ideal opener comes from Forza & Smuhg with a slower track but still very powerful. Additional tracks are from Psypsiq Jicuri, after his first album release & countless tracks on compilations, Space with his unique sound which we remember from the first Psycomex, and newcomers Total Sickness & Astral Theorem.

“mit superpsychoaktivem cover gestaltet, beginnt diese compilation ungewöhnlich langsam und mellow … das ist aber auch nur ein kurzes luftholen, denn ab dem 2. track gehts los: zielstrebig, quirlig, mit kristallklarem sound - in richtung dancefloor” jens


VA - Loud & Clear-Compiled by DJ K.I.T.T.Y (Utopia Records)

|| 2006 Nov 10 ||

utp1cd018.jpgUtopia Records Brazilian Djane ambassador, Dj Kitty is responsible for this amazing… dance floor release. Dj Kitty is considered today as one of the leading female Djs in Brazil, performing in basically all major events, big and small. Loud and Clear includes 10 previously unreleased dance floor shakers, all effectively tested all over Brazil and the entire world, effecting vast numbers of dance floor addicts, a solid cooperation by the successful Utopia Records crew and aspiring Brazilian innovative acts. Loud and Clear presents a set of high-octane dance floor hits produced by todays leading psychedelic trance acts from around the world. 7 tracks by Utopia records respected crew, including tracks by Ananda Shake, Vibe Tribe, Phanatic and Utopias new breeze for the future, Mahamudra, Brain Damage, Stereomatic and the latest edition to the crew, Bios and Sundoes…

“fett aber nicht verspulte tracks - die abwechslungsreich zusammengestellt und weltweit getestet wurden. allesamt unreleased - was will mensch mehr.” jens


VA - Raja Rams Stashbag Vol.4 (TIP)

|| 2006 Nov 10 ||

tip1cd050-1.jpgImagine…the best artists, the best tracks, the best bits of the best tracks chopped and stretched, and marinated, into the cosmic blender, mixed with tv radio and movie samples, short snaps like looking at a pack ofcards, flipping inside you… rapidly moving images and sounds, cascading you over a waterfall of dazzling riffs and spliffs, roller coasting, spinning, turning sideways, overlapping. The? ultimate groovy ride… the magicappears so quick, yourre already into the next delusion before you understood the first… Stash Bag four is the one.. beyond the planet shpongle. Thesecret stash compartment overflows with goodies and unobtainable forbiddendelights to mankind… until NOW.

“raja ram, the godfather of goa, arbeitet sich virtuos durch diese mix-cd. mensch merkt kaum, wann das eine stück aufhört und das nächste beginnt : psychedelic rockn roll! macht echt spass.”


VA - NewOrder (HOMmega Records)

|| 2006 Nov 10 ||

hom1cd051.jpgCompiled by Ace Ventura HOMmega Productions is very proud to present New Order - a fresh, exciting compilation compiled by Ace Ventura (Yoni Oshrat), with a truly international lineup, marking new and interesting times for HOMmega and the entire scene as a whole. Yoni Oshrat was previously a member of one of HOMmegas most highly profiled acts, PsySex, but has in the last year concentrated on his new solo project Ace Ventura, with which he has hit the? progressive psy-trance scene with a storm - and with New Order hes leading HOMmega into the progressive realms as well.

“das ace ventura musikgeschmack hat, ist kein geheimnis und mit acts wie earsugar, freq, vibrasphere, emok, wrecked mach. … eine compilation rausbringen, kann nur gut gehen. so auch in diesem fall … und dann noch astrix mit proggisound … ist schon ein hit:-)” jens


VA - Goa 2006 Vol.5 (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)

|| 2006 Nov 10 ||

The classic GOA 2006 series does not need any hype. Each Volume has managed to break the 6000 units sales hurdle word-wide and Y.S.E.s dominant position in the marketplace is bearing fruit. Vol.5 is again compiled by the most influential DJ Bim who simply puts together tunes which are of outstanding sound quality and brand new. This series has a loyal fan-base and is a must.

“hat der bim zusammengestellt, gibts wie immer nix zu meckern dran und bietet einen guten überblick über den derzeitigen »state-of-mind« im psychedelic.” jens


VA - Free Spirit Vol. 1 Brahmaputra (Free Spirit Records)

|| 2006 Nov 10 ||

fsr1cd001.jpgCompiled by Jay OM Nine tracks, from some of the hottest artists about. Polaris, Tron, X-Control (Perplex project with DJ Kido), Ultravoice and Tactic Mind, plus, up-and-coming London localities, M-Theory (Cimi and Monastic Squid), Journey feat. Max Stellato, Star Trip and M-Klome. Brand-new tunes, specifically written, each one set to be a future-fave on dance-floors around the world, indoor and out.

“solide gemachter full-on : nicht mehr und nicht weniger” jens


VA - Strange Frequencies (Phantasm Records)

|| 2006 Nov 10 ||

ptm1cd158.jpgA superb collection of cutting edge Class-A pyschedelics. Equally loaded with mind-melting contributions from some of the most revered artists in the scene as well as reputation building milestones from some of the newer names.

“der name dieser compilation könnte nicht trefflicher gewählt sein” jens


Echotek - Changing Frames (BNE Records)

|| 2006 Nov 10 ||

echo-1.jpgNot everyday will you come across such a unique and standout release as “Changing Frames”, proving the Israeli electronic music scene has much more to offer than just psytrance. Echotek (a.k.a Micha Yossef) is one of those rare artists that instantly captivate your ears. His sound proudction and writing skills are second to none, and after 10 years of activities in the electronic scene, it’s no wonder that this is a record you shouldn’t miss.

“das ist echt ein abgefahrenes output: der herr bewegt sich auf seinem debutalbum zielsicher und stilistisch überzeugend von mellow-progressiv sound , über druckvollen arwackelgroove bis hin zum psychedelic rockn roll. die cd arbeitet sich langsam von 134 zu 141 bpm vor : und das ausserordentlich überzeugend” jens


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