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Eintrag vom 19.08.2005 - 14:14
Name: goa-zwerg
eMail: goa-zwerg_web.de


wie fandet ihr shiva moon dieses jahr?????

Eintrag vom 28.07.2005 - 17:09
Name: illuminatus
eMail: illum_inatus@yahoo.de
Homepage: illuminatus.struo.de


Krasse site und und Die titel sind

echt sahne hrhr
also bl?eibt dabei and have fun ;)

Eintrag vom 26.07.2005 - 19:06
Name: kernel
eMail: info@shivamoon.de
Homepage: www.shiva-moon.com


Shiva Moon Open Air Psychedelic Trance

Festival 2005, Germany
Tips for visitors from the UK and Ireland

P R E S S R E L E A S E July 2005

It is

now well over ten years since the first psychedelic trance parties began in Germany in the early 1990s, originally inspired by travellers

returning from Goa. The psychedelic trance open air festival scene in north Germany is now firmly established with a series of annual, dependable

and well-attended parties each summer weekend.

Unlike the UK, where only a handful of relatively expensive festivals exist each year and

devotees are philosophical about waiting a whole year for Glastonbury to come round again, northern Germany has a far wider choice of happenings

throughout the summer months. From June through September there are sometimes as many as six open air parties of varying sizes every weekend

across Germany. At the summer's peak in July and August there is at least one major event every weekend - the larger, and by now traditional

open air festivals, attracting between 10 and 20 thousand trancers, each lasting 3 days or more. Entry to these major events costs around 30-40

euros which is only 20-25 pounds, something like a sixth the cost of a ticket for 3 days at Glastonbury.

The larger German "must go"

events in July/August are Fusion, Full Moon, Voov Experience, Shiva Moon and Antaris Project. There are also many medium-sized events for between

2,000 and 5,000 people at a variety of beauty spots in the German countryside and coastline, going under such names as: Psychedelic Circus,

Tshitraka, Nation of Gondwana and Indian Spirit - each costing 10-25 euros for the weekend, as well as a string of smaller outdoor parties for

several hundred people, some of which are free.

Whereas the Voov Experience keeps their lineup a close secret, Shiva Moon publicises an

impressive list of top international DJs (including Raja Ram and Tsuyoshi Suzuki this year) and live performances, offers two dance areas

including a massive main area with a suitably massive sound-system - all surrounded by gigantic UV decoration of glowing three dimensional

objects - the product of a fantastic imagination on a grand scale: such as dinosaur-sized insects, aliens strolling through fields of mushrooms,

a terradactyl and a mayan pyramid. The intention of Shiva Moon's unique decoration, world-class laser show and outstanding international lineup

is to transport you to another world, one where your spirit can fly free.

Shiva Moon is the inspiration of Jan Engel. Jan began by

decorating the first Voov Experience parties but quickly realised his dream and has been creating his own Shiva Moon Festival since 1995.

Admittedly he is no longer a young man but demonstrates more than enough drive and energy to conduct this mega event successfully every year. The

hallmark of the party is always a commanding pyramid sound-stage flanked by a massive upturned crescent moon, the symbol of the Hindu God Shiva,

as illustrated on the flyer. Jan also promises new decoration and UV theatre performances for 2005.

Unless you bring your own car, this

year's Shiva Moon Festival (August 5th to 7th, 2005 - with camping and ambient music continuing through to Monday 8th) is best got to by train

from either Hamburg or Berlin to Ludwigslust (costing 20-30 euros and bookable at www.bahn.de). From Ludwigslust railway station there is a

special shuttle bus to the party. It is more direct, and consequently faster and cheaper, to go via Hamburg than Berlin.

Alternatively you

can arrange private lifts on the internet after signing-up for free membership with Goabase at www.goabase.com or simply hitch-hike from a

continental ferry port. Lifts are easier to get in Holland and Germany than in France and Belgium, so it might save you time to take a train from

Calais to Aachen, just over the German border, and hitch-hike from there. Another option is to take a ferry to the Hook of Holland instead of a

French port.

Midweek flights are the cheapest with Ryan Air at www.ryanair.com (from London/Stansted, Dublin/Shannon or Glasgow/Prestwick

to Hamburg/L?beck), or from Air Berlin at www.airberlin.com (from Manchester to Hamburg). There are also regular flights by the main carriers

from other UK airports like Bristol and Birmingham to Hamburg or Berlin. Overnight coaches also leave from most cities in the UK to Hamburg - see

www.nationalexpress.com for details.

Entry to Shiva Moon 2005 can be paid at the gate, costing 40 euros per person for arrival on Friday

or only 30 euros after 2pm Saturday. Armbands are worn during the party to ensure everyone has paid and a 5 euro rubbish deposit is due from each

car arriving, which is repaid on return of a full rubbish sack.

For further information, including detailed driving directions and

pictures of previous parties, visit the festival website at www.shiva-moon.com

[ Text by Kernel for Shiva Moon - July 19,

2005 ]

Eintrag vom 15.07.2005 - 21:01
Name: fe

Eintrag vom 14.07.2005 - 09:44
Name: DeR MoLcH
Homepage: ptt-goa-psytrance-ambient.e7.to/


Hall?chen nette seite die ihr da habt


Mal einen freundlichen Gru? DeR MoLcH

Eintrag vom 12.07.2005 - 19:29
Name: Colt
eMail: colttoga@yahoo.com
Homepage: www.rondane.de/
Handy: BMW Gebrauchtwagen


Is very interesting site,I m

enjoy to signe this book.Greet Colt

Eintrag vom 12.07.2005 - 15:29
Name: b2act
eMail: webmaster@philosomatika.de
Homepage: www.philosomatika.de


hab ma wieder was neues f?r


liquidlove (psy) 1h:17m:36s (77min:36sec)



liquidlove (prog) 1h:17m:36s

(77min:36sec) 192kbit/s


viel spass bei den set?s

und heiter weiter
alles liebe

Eintrag vom 30.06.2005 - 20:06
Name: Acidgurke
Handy: 01755507483


Hallo ihr Freaks da drau?en! Fahre dieses Jahr mal wieder auf die

VooV . Hoffe es wird wieder so geil wie letztes Jahr ! Und hoffen wir das das Wetter passt. Suche auch m?glichkeiten zum auflegen. Bin nicht


Eintrag vom 30.06.2005 - 20:02
Name: Acidgurke
Handy: 01755507483


Hallo ihr Freaks da drau?en! Fahre dieses Jahr mal wieder auf die

VooV . Hoffe es wird wieder so geil wie letztes Jahr ! Und hoffen wir das das Wetter passt

Eintrag vom 24.06.2005 - 14:36
Name: christina


war weihnachten/ silvester 2004/o5 in goa und sage nur eins: VAGATOR ist


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